Need a program to run secretly in the background to spy and record everything typed into the computer?

We have the answer:

KeyKey Monitor
Now you'll know just what's going on
when your not around!!

KeyKey Monitor is built to capture every word and letter typed into a computer and save it for you to view at any time.  It will record typing while in chat groups, email programs, instant messages, word processors, anything you can imagine and even records the time and date the program was opened and closed.

KeyKey Monitor will start automatically and begin recording each time the computer is turned on, so you don't even need to be around when it does it's recording.  It runs silently in the background and can not even be detected with a Ctrl+Alt+Del.  No one will know it's there.

Why would you want to capture and record everything typed into your computer?

  • Suppose your computer crashes or the power goes out while you are working on an important document and you lose all your work. If you have KeyKey Monitor running on your computer, you never lose your work. Everything you type is stored in a file you can access anytime. So even if the power goes out, or your computer crashes, or you just forgot to save something. Just go to KeyKey Monitor and it will be there for you. Nice and safe!
  • Maybe you suspect your spouse of cyber-cheating in chat rooms, instant messages, or by email. Or maybe it's your boyfriend or girlfriend you would like to keep an eye on. KeyKey Monitor will allow you to view all conversations between your spouse and anyone else.
  • Maybe you have children, and you would like to know what they are doing on the computer when you aren't there to watch them. KeyKey Monitor will capture everything they type into the computer. After your child is finished playing with the computer, you can open KeyKey Monitor and see what they were typing. Maybe they were chatting in a chat room with a perverted stranger.  Or maybe they were looking at an offensive website. This is information you need to know to protect your child.  You would be able to view the entire conversation between a stranger and your child if you had KeyKey Monitor running on your computer. Your child may be afraid to tell you about this incident, but KeyKey Monitor will tell you.  Then you can take action to make sure your child understands how to be safe on the internet. You may be saying to yourself, my child already understands not to view adult material or talk to strangers.  But kids love to do things they're not supposed to.  It's better to be safe than sorry, and KeyKey Monitor can make certain you know what's going on.
  • Maybe you have an employee or employees and you want to make sure they are not wasting company time. You don't want to pay your workers for the time they are fooling around with non-company related things on the computer. Many employees love to write their friends emails, or play computer games on company time. Now you can monitor this and warn them about wasting company time if needed. Now you'll have the proof of their time-wasting activities on disc. So you can show them if they deny wasting company time.
  • If you make your living using a computer, and your income depends on your computer, KeyKey Monitor could save you from disaster. If you are a computer programmer, a journalist, or you just do a lot of typing, think about how valuable it would be have every word you type saved to a file automatically.

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KeyKey Monitor is
only $49.95

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